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Shidi Shangpin Eyelash Glue 5 ML - Black

Barcode: sgb

This waterproof strong hold glue can be used on false eyelashes & double eyelid, strong adhesive and natural friendly material has no harm to your skin. Come and have a try now.

No irritation.
Easily adjustable.
Works best in all lash styles.
Holds strip lashes securely in place.
For a clean and clear application.
No mess, No Clump and No Residue.
For comfortable false lash application.
Dries quickly, easy to use and transparent.
Apply a thin layer along the base of false lash.
Any special occasions or even on a regular day.
Easily remove without damaging the natural lashes.
Use high quality material, has no harm to your skin.
Gentle formula with strong hold for long lasting secure false eyelashes.
Multifunctional,can be used as the glue for double eyelids and false eyelashes.

Item Type: False Eyelash Glue.
Material: Latex.
Glue Color: Black.
Notice: If your skin sensitive, please stop using.
Time to apply: 30 seconds or wait till sticky.
Package List: 1 * False Eyelash Glue.
Glue style: Soft glue.

How to use:
-Apply a thin layer along base of false lashes(Do not apply directly on eyelid)
-Let set for 5 seconds or until sticky.
-Place lash closely along base of lashes and hold in place until dry.
-When removing, use oil-free makeup remover.

Rubber Latex, Water, Franfrance, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesultonate, net wt. 0.11 fl. oz./ 5.00 ml. 

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Inventory Last Updated: Jan 26, 2021