Lottie London-X Thuy Le Living My Best Life Eyeshadow Palette

Barcode: 5056183600884

Features of the product:
- Both 7 Matte and 7 shimmer eyeshadow palette.
- These eyeshadows are super-soft and ultra-creamy.
To deliver high standard of pigment.
- Color payoff and high bendability.
- Long lasting colors with strong pigmentation.
Highly pigmented, Soft, Blendable & Buildable Eye Shadow.
7 Shimmers:

- 1 M gold.

- Cocolina -bronze.
- Gemini - rose gold.
- Bishhh - red metallic.
- Shook. - light blue.
- YOLO  green.
- Rebel4lyf - dark blue.

7 Mattes:
- Literally - white cream.
- Porky - transition light brown.
- Chickaterian - warm brown.
- Fam bam - rose brown.
- Red velvet- red Burgundy.
- No T, no shade (black)
- Hey guys.

Descriptions of the product:
Featuring 14 of Thuy's cannot-live-without metallics and mattes in a brand new, upgraded formula - these eyeshadows are super-soft and ultra-creamy for that perfectly blended eye look. Each shadow was personally selected, tested and perfected by Thuy to deliver on her high standard of pigment, color payoff and bendability. From a subtle array of golden browns to a bold blue, Thuy wanted to bring her dream shades together in one badass palette for you to live your best life.

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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023

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