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Lottie London - Contour Queen Brush

Barcode: 5060414314143
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Features of the product:
- Soft and dense.
- No shedding of colour or bristles.
- Works well for cream and powder products.
- Affordable brush when performance is considered.
- Perfect for achieving killer cheekbones in an instant.
- Flawless finish worthy of any CONTOUR QUEEN.
- Designed for both powders and creams.
- Picks Up & Deposits Perfect Amount.
- Chunky Handle for Non-Slip Grip.
- Super pretty to own.
- Ultra-Soft Bristles.
- Vegan-Friendly.

Product Description:
Expertly define your favorite facial features with Lottie London's Contour Queen Brush; a must-have tool for effortless contouring and sculpting. Featuring a specially designed, flat edge, the make-up brush can be used to apply both cream and powder products to the cheekbones, nose and chin for a smooth, refined finish.
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Inventory Last Updated: Jun 26, 2022