Lottie London - Buff & Blend Buffer Brush

Barcode: 5060414314136

Features of the product:
Flat top brush work colorful for your powder and foundation.
- You can use it for blending any blush or contour powder.
- Blend and buff your way to an airbrushed looking skin.
- The Brush is made with super-soft synthetic fibers.
- Picks Up and Deposits Perfect Amount.
- Pretty and colorful and soft to use.
- Chunky Handle for Non-Slip Grip.
- Ultra Soft Bristles. 
- Vegan-Friendly.

Descriptions of the product:
The perfect tool for applying make-up powder, Lottie London's Buff & Blend Buffer Brush allows you to achieve a flawless, airbrushed effect with ease. Featuring densely packed bristles, the brush effortlessly applies finishing powder and softens any contour lines for a professional, picture-perfect finish.

Simply apply powder to your face using a buffing motion, evening out any base imperfections or soften any harsh bluish and contour lines.
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Inventory Last Updated: Oct 19, 2021