Lottie London-Blend In Brush

Barcode: 5060359905925

Features of the product:
- The perfect tool for applying make-up powder
Creating either soft daytime finishes OR dramatic smoky eyes.
- Blend Brush
allows you to achieve a flawless effect.
- Super-soft
eyeshadow brush with curved bristles.
- Effortlessly applies finishing powder.
- Softens any contour lines for a perfect finish.

Descriptions of the product:
Create neutral or sultry makeup looks with Lottie London's Blend In Brush, a super-soft eyeshadow brush with curved bristles. Perfect for buffing, shaping and diffusing your eyeshadow colour, the brush delivers the perfect amount of product and helps create sultry, smokey makeup looks.
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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023