Lottie London - Am to Pm Eyeliner - Sunburst

Barcode: 5060414316307

Features of the product:
- Easy-glide.
- Super soft.
- Sharpen able plastic.
- Soft kohl eyeliner.
- Smooth pigmented finish.
- Long-lasting formula.
- Easy-glide design.
- Gel-like finish.
- It's highly-pigmented and long-lasting.
- Ultra-smooth eyeliner pencil is your new go-to.
- Vegan Friendly (excluding colour Velvet).

- Paraben-free, Gluten-free.
- Shade: Sunburst.

Details of the product:
Keep eyes defined 24/7 with Lottie Londons AM to PM kohl-gel eyeliner. Make eyes POP with these easy-glide pencils that have serious staying power. Longwear, gel-like finish. Lottie eye liners can be sharpened.

How to Use It:
1. Cut two small squares from the sticky edge of a Post-it and adhere them to the outer corner of your eyes at an angle.
2. Using the pencil, follow your upper lash line, thickening the line as you reach the outer corner of your lid.
3. At the outer corner, use the Post-it as a guide to wing out your eyeliner.
4. Remove the Post-its and trace the edge of your wing back down to your eyelid. Fill in gaps with eyeliner.

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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023