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GOSH Vitamin Booster Cleansing Conditioner - 230 ml

Barcode: 5711914106485

Advantages of The Conditioner:
To give the hair a break from shampooing.
It is an in-between shampooing to cleanse, conditions and detangles hair.
Ideal for curly, coarse, and super thick hair.
Alternatively, if hair is notoriously dry or brittle.
Great for men, Men tend to shampoo frequently.
This is considerably less harsh on their hair and scalp.
It is only one product in the shower.
Should be used once a week instead of shampoo.
Vegan friendly

Product Details:
Vitamin booster cleansing conditioner enriched with active ingredients, which is responsible for the gentle cleansing effect.

Apply vitamin booster cleansing conditioner to wet hair and massage gently into hair and scalp. Leave for a few minutes and then wash.

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Inventory Last Updated: Dec 02, 2022