GOSH Rebel Eyes Mascara Skinny B Precision - 001 Extreme Black

Barcode: 5711914152055

Lengthening and lifting.
Long-wearing - lasts through rain, sweat, tears.
- Unique, slim brush reaches the tiniest lashes.
- The long-wearing effect is clinically proven.
- Captures, coats & de-clumps lashes.
Advanced lifting formula.
- Perfume free.
- Vegan.

Product Details:
The formula gives eyelashes a lovely, panoramic finish, multiplying them and making lashes black & glossy all day long. The long-wear mascara lasts up to 24 hours, yet can be easily removed with warm water thanks to innovative thermal-sensitive technology. The unique brush reaches and grips even the tiniest lashes, with an advanced lifting formula in an extreme black colour.

Prevent allergy:
Choose a product that has been Allergy Certified. When choosing products carrying the Allergy Certified label you can rest assured that toxicologists have gone through every single ingredient and made a risk assessment.

More length and volume Build up the mascara in three steps. Start from the roots, build up towards the middle and then finish of with the tip of the lashes. Simple tip with great effect - longer, fuller lashes.
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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 30, 2022