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GOSH Lumi Drops - 002 Vanilla

Barcode: 5711914077655

Product Characteristics:
👉Helps to give a shimmery finish.
👉A lightweight, liquid highlighter.
👉Adding light and luminosity to the skin.
👉Brighten up any look and highlight the most beautiful features.
👉Ideal for wearing on both bare skin and on top /under the foundation.
👉Made in Denmark.
👉Perfume, Paraben free.

Product Details:
“The secret weapon for a youthful, healthy glow”. Lumi Drops are liquid highlighters that dress the skin in an illuminating veil of radiance. This helps brighten up the look of any skin colour, and highlight the features you love.

How to use:
Mix a bit in with your foundation or directly on top of foundation. It can be used on bare skin too.

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Inventory Last Updated: May 18, 2021

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