GOSH Foundation Plus Cover+Conceal - 004 (Natural)

Barcode: 5711914139766

2 in 1: Foundation & concealer.
Full coverage.
Long lasting.
Moisturizing, nourishing & regenerating.
Improves skin radiance & hydration.
Satin finish.
With Liquid Sea Minerals, Seaweed & Hyaluronic Acid.
SPF 15.
Perfume & paraben free.
Skin Type: Dry, normal, Combination.

Product Details: 
FOUNDATION PLUS+ is a foundation and concealer in one. It provides a natural look and feel, and lasts all day. The formula is lightweight and easy to apply. Thanks to a high level of pigments, FOUNDATION PLUS+ will melt into the skin, to ensure a flawless finish. FOUNDATION PLUS+ loads skin with nourishing ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Liquid Sea Minerals, Seaweed and Vitamin E. FOUNDATION PLUS+ also protects the skin against sun damage with SPF 15. 

Anti-aging effects- Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes present in Seaweed include Antioxidants with skin healing and rejuvenating properties. Seaweed promotes tissue regeneration, to create better skin elasticity.
Acne treatment- Seaweed is high in antibacterial properties that work well for acne treatment.
Hydrating- Continuous use of natural Seaweed in skin care, can increase skin hydration and promote a healthy complexion. Seaweed is full of lipids, proteins, minerals and vitamins, which are easily absorbed into the skin. Hyaluronic Acid. (HA) is a water-property molecule that hydrates skin. The most common application for Hyaluronic Acid is in anti-ageing therapy, particularly with cosmetic procedures such as the elimination of skin imperfections and wrinkles.

Important Note: 
It is necessary to start with cleaning the face thoroughly. Before you add any type of makeup to the skin, apply moisturizer & primer to enhance the appearance of the makeup and improve the durability. The third step is to put on a coat of Foundation with a foundation brush or sponge. The foundations are usually applied in a similar manner.

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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023

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