GOSH Foundation Drops SPF 10 - 004 (Natural)

Barcode: 5711914060497

👉Medium coverage - drop foundation.
👉Ultra light texture.
👉Lightweight feeling- Silky flawless finish.
👉Provides light make-up with natural look.
👉Argan Oil hydrates, softens and gives skin a boost of vitamin E.
👉Antiderm protects, hydrates, soothes skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
👉Contains SPF 10.
👉Free From Perfume & Paraben.
👉Ideal for normal, dry, combination skin. 

Product Details: 
FOUNDATION DROPS with a unique ultra-light texture formulated without water. Provides light make-up and second skin effect. A few precious drops from the luxurious pipette provide a natural flawless medium coverage. It easily spreads, does not leave stains or smudges.  

Important Note: 
It is necessary to start with cleaning the face thoroughly. Before you add any type of makeup to the skin, apply moisturizer & primer to enhance the appearance of the makeup  and improve the durability. The third step is to put on a coat of Foundation with a foundation brush or sponge. The foundations are usually applied in a similar manner.
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Inventory Last Updated: Mar 02, 2021

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