Gosh Effect Powder - 006 Chrome Green

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Advantages of GOSH Effect Powder:
Multi-purpose product.
- Powder effect on eyes.
- Incredibly high pigmented.
- Provides a stunning look with few strokes.
- Provides a perfect and complete result.
 Can be used in countless ways.
Be spectacularly creative - there are no limits.

Product Details: 
GOSH Effect Powder is the eye shadow of all eyeshadows. Most people know this iconic eyeshadow, hidden in most of the teen's bathroom, which has subsequently been relaunched. One reason for that is that it is particularly high-grade, so you can achieve a perfect and complete result with a few strokes. In addition, it satisfies your playful side because you can use it in a myriad of ways. A no less than amazing product that makes your face catch the light of the light due to the pigmentation, leaving you with a spectacular and brilliant result.

How to use:
-Use it as eyeshadow.
-Apply the eyeshadow on top of a primer for a long-lasting result.
-Can be used in many ways.
-Can be used with your lipstick .
-Can also be used as a highlighter.
-Can also be used in your body lotion for shimmery effects.
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