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GOSH Donoderm S.O.S Balm 30 ml

Barcode: 5711914124052

Multifunctional product.
Can be used on minor burns or sunburns. 
- Moisturizing, healing and soothing.
Soothe and care for dry, damaged and cracked skin.
Gently to dry skin or chapped lips.
Protects & heal the skin.
Protective formula immediately starts working to help where the skin needs special care.
Damaged skin quickly becomes soft, smooth and luminous once again.
Contains Shea Butter as well as Vitamins A, E and F, and Carotene.

Product Details:
GOSH Donoderm SOS Balm is a very versatile cream that can be used for multiple purposes. It is good for extremely dry areas on both the body and the face, dry lips or dry nails. It is also very good to use if you have sunburned or have a minor burn. This balm immediately relieves the skin and makes it soft again. It contains, among other things, shea butter rich in vitamins A, E and F, which has a soothing and moisturizing effect. It is also with Provitamin B5, which is known for its healing, soothing and regenerating properties. In other words, GOSH Donoderm SOS Balm can be used for a lot of good things and quickly becomes an indispensable product.

How to use: 
Apply GOSH DONODERM SOS BALM liberally and as often as needed.

Shea Butter is primarily comprised of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, as well as Vitamins A, E and F, and Carotene. Vitamins A and E soothe and hydrate skin while boosting collagen. Vitamin F contains essential fatty acids which help to protect and heal. Shea Butter has hydrating and regenerative benefits.
VITASKIN E is obtained from raspberry seed oil (Rubus idaeus), high in Omega 6 and 3 (stable to oxidation thanks to the structure) and succinate of vitamin E.
Provitamin B5 or panthenol (also known as provitamin B5), is the alcohol form of vitamin B5. When applied to and absorbed by the skin, provitamin is transformed into vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), which has natural broad abilities to moisturise, soothe, heal and regenerate the skin. Provitamin B5 is commonly billed in personal care products as dexpanthenol, d-panthenol or dl-panthenol and is most noted for its ability to function as a humectant-a water-binding substance that attracts and retains water. As a humectant, Provitamin B5 stabilises the skin barrier function, reducing the amount of water lost through the skin. By applying a Provitamin B5 formulation to the skin, it will not only increase its hydration but also improve its softness and elasticity, making Provitamin B5 ideal for the treatment of dry, scaly or rough skin.


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