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  • The mascara brush ensures perfect eye makeup.
  • Precisely separating the eyelashes.
  • Allowing mascara to cover all the hairs even in the corners of the eye.
  • Short distances between the bristles of the brush.
  • Allow the perfect effect of combing eyelashes.
  • This is the reason why the eyelashes are not stuck together.
  • The black color of the mascara gives the eyes depth.
  • The eyelashes are maximally thickened and precisely separated.

The black, thickening and separating mascara spectacularly thickens even the thinnest lashes. The curved brush allows the mascara to cover each eyelash, even in the corner of the eye, because it adapts perfectly to the shape. It does not stick lashes together, does not crumble and guarantees a long lasting effect.

BBB has imported 100% authentic EVELINE VIVA FULL LASHES! MASCARA 10ML with customers like you in mind. We hope you love it as much as we do.

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