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EVELINE VARIETE 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette 18g

Barcode: 5903416027102
  • Eighteen unique high-quality eye shadows. 
  • Soft, matte and extremely metallic.
  • Heavily pigmented formulas. 
  • Allow for quick application and easy color blending on the eyelid.
  • Has a very elegant packaging.

Variete eyeshadow palette by Eveline Cosmetics has been created on the basis of inspiration from the world of theatre. It consists of 18 pressed powders with different finishes such as matte, metallic and pearl. The original color palette includes various variations on shades of beige, brown, gold, navy blue and green, which allows you to create an infinite amount of makeup for both everyday look and glamorous look. Strong and long lasting pigmentation combined with a non-flaking formula significantly increases the comfort of work.

At the same time, the powders blend easily which allows to create a personalized original look. To show the elegance of the palette the outer case has been given priority. The set was closed in an extremely elegant and richly decorated golden leather.

Individual Shades:

-Spotlight - vanilla beige (matte)

-Play - peach with a hint of orange (matte)

-Ovation - golden-brown (metallic)

-Stage - smoke, light pink gray (matte)

-Opening Night - blue (pearl)

-Applause - warm, caramel brown (matte)

-Performance - pure gold (metallic)

-Curtain - dark green (metallic)

-Character - olive green (metallic)

-Audience - beige brown (matte)

-Stand Up - honey (matte)

-Backstage - navy blue (matte)

-Parody - peach (matte)

-Show - champagne (pearl)

-Spectator - dark brick red (matte)

-Secret - copper brown (metallic)

-Tragedy - dark brown (matte)

-Drama - intense black (matte

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Inventory Last Updated: Jun 10, 2023