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EVELINE Pure Control Washing Gel+Peeling+Mask 200ml

Barcode: pc62

WASHING GEL + PEELING + MASK 3in1 against spots and blemishes:
1. Deeply cleanses.
2. Eliminate Blackheads.
3. Mattifies and smooths.
Reduces acne blemishes, spots and blackheads.
Fresh and matt complexion all day long.
Skin Type: All skin type and also for sensitive skin. 

Product Details:
Active Cleansing Washing Gel + Peeling + Mask removes impurities and blackheads, eliminates imperfections while not causing skin dryness. Pure Control SOS 3-in1 which can be used as a washing gel, peeling or mask, eliminates the complex care procedures and the need to apply several products at the same time. It will allow you to forget about complicated care activities. Allantoin and d-panthenol deeply moisturize and soothe irritations, leaving the skin fresh, clean and smooth for a long time.

How to apply:
Gel-Peeling use 2/3 times a week gently massage wet face and neck skin, then wash with water. May also be used as a peeling or mask.

Visible results:
Noticeable reduction of spots and blackheads, reduce acne blemishes, fresh and matt complexion all day long.

Storage Instructions:
Keep in a cool and dry place.

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Inventory Last Updated: Aug 03, 2021