EVELINE Hyaluron Clinic Intensely Moisturizing Essence-Hydrator 3 in 1 - 110ml

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Additional Information:
Softens the skin.
Restores the youthful look of the skin.
Reduces wrinkles and makes the skin elastic.
Slows down skin aging, firms and brightens the skin.

The Eveline Cosmetics Hyaluron Clinic face essence is a product full of active ingredients, meaning it provides absolutely luxurious care for your skin. Hydrator is the excellent make-up primer and extends its durability. Light, silky consistency can also be used during the day - perfectly refreshes, moisturizes and adds radiance to the skin, without damaging the make-up.

Ultra effective moisturizing ingredients:

8% LAB HYALURON ensures intense moisturization and smoothness.
Pro-vitamin B5 regenerates and restores youthful look to the skin. Centella asiatica firms, reduces wrinkles and makes the skin elastic.
Aqua Rice FERM reduces visibility of pores, delays ageing, firms and illuminates the skin.

From the very first application the level of skin moisturization increases, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic. The essence restores comfort to dry and tightened skin, refreshes and nourishes it.

SMART MOIST ultra effective technology comprehensively replenishes water deficiencies and encloses the moisture in the epidermis, preventing its dryness. It reinforces the natural protective barrier of the skin, thus helps to protect it against harmful external factors such as air pollution and free radicals.

Small portion of the hydrator pat gently into the face and neck skin until it is completely absorbed. Use after each cleansing of the face or as a make-up primer. It can also be applied during the day, on the make-up.

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