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EVELINE Facemed+ Mattifying Toning Water With Magma Minerals - 400ml

Barcode: 5901761968033

The unique formula of matting toning water perfectly cleanses and refreshes the skin, restoring its comfort of hydration and natural, physiological pH. Smoothes, gently mattes and promotes epidermis regeneration. This toning water is an ideal product for daily normal and combination skin care.
- perfect for completion of the cleansing and refreshment.
- restoring hydration comfort and natural, physiological pH.
- daily care, smoothing and matting.
Jeju Magma thermal water is remarkable for its purity and high mineral content. Strengthens the skin and has antioxidant properties.
Matcha Tea Water - reduces the negative effects of impurities and oxidative stress in the skin, matting and detoxifying.
Aqua RiceFERM ™ rich in vitamins and minerals stimulates regeneration, reduces the appearance of pores, delays aging, firms and brightens the complexion.

Thermal water from the Korean island of Jeju + Matcha Tea water + Aqua RiceFERM ™:
From the very first application visible a spectacular increase in skin hydration, refreshment, smoothing and relief.
-After 3 days - brightening, cleansing the pores, regulation of sebum secretion
-After 14 days - reduced visibility of pores, reduction of imperfections
* Self-assessment study on a selected group of women for 2 weeks.

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