EVELINE Blush Sensation 4 in 1 Powder 12g

Barcode: 5901761974188

Product Features:
- Universal palette for creating variety of images.
- Ideal for emphasizing cheekbones, shoulders, neckline and neck.
- Good pigmentation makes the cosmetic exceptionally effective.
- Delicate consistency enables easy and trouble - free application.
- The palette comprises 4 blushes with different structure – 2 matt without particles and 2 satin with small particles. 

Products Details:
Eveline Blush Sensation modeling rose palette 4in1 is a practical cosmetic in the form of a rose palette, thanks to which you can subtly and easily emphasize cheekbones, mark the shoulders and cleavage and neck area. 
In the palette you will find 4 roses with different properties and shades (2 matte and 2 satin). Thanks to the right consistency and very good pigmentation, Eveline Blush Sensation is efficient and guarantees trouble-free application. 

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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 21, 2023