EVELINE Art Scenic Covering Make-Up 3IN1 Foundation - 23 Warm Beige

Barcode: 5901761966176

Features of the product:
šŸ‘‰3 In 1Ā Primer,Ā FoundationĀ andĀ CorrectorĀ all in one.
šŸ‘‰MediumĀ coverage.Ā 
šŸ‘‰Up toĀ 24 HoursĀ lasting.
šŸ‘‰SPF 10Ā protection.
šŸ‘‰Light textureĀ easily blend-able.Ā 
šŸ‘‰Enriched withĀ Hyaluronic AcidĀ to helpĀ moisturizeĀ the skin.
šŸ‘‰Shade Name:Ā 23 Warm Beige.Ā 
šŸ‘‰Skin Type:Ā 
Best for normal, dry, combination skin types.Ā 

Product description:Ā 
Art Scenic Foundation is a combination ofĀ primer, foundation and correctorĀ all in one. Innovative formula ensures perfect coverage ofĀ all imperfections andĀ long-lastingĀ results ofĀ even toned, silky smooth complexion. Art Scenic Foundation perfectly blends providing natural,Ā light weightĀ and youthful looking coverage up to 24h. Long-Lasting formula guarantees exceptional durability and high resistance to all types of weather. The foundation is enriched withĀ hyaluronic acidĀ thatĀ moisturizesĀ and firms the epidermis, ensuring long-lasting and effective daily care.Ā SPF 10Ā protects against premature aging caused by the negative influence of sun exposure.

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