Eveline Art Prof. Loose Powder 20g - 01 TRANSPARENT

Barcode: 5901761933673

Features of the product:

-Powder with an incredibly light, fluffy, silky structure for matte skin.
-Perfectly blends with the complexion and allows the skin to breathe.
-Active particles absorb sebum, neutralizing the shine, as well as unify and lighten the complexion.
-Providing the effect of optical smoothing.
-Small lines and wrinkles are immediately minimized, the skin looks healthy and radiant.
-It smells subtle and feminine.
-Powder is suitable for all skin types.

    Product Description:
    LOOSE POWDER CASHMERE MAT is a make-up cosmetic that, when applied directly to the skin, provides a clear make-up and, when used on foundation, fixes makeup and gives the skin a velvety smoothness.

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    Inventory Last Updated: Nov 29, 2022