EVELINE All in One Cream Face Illuminator 8ml - Light

Barcode: 5901761958317

Additional information:
Brightening formula.
Illuminates and rejuvenates.
Perfectly blends with the foundation.
Gives facial makeup a trendy glow effect.
Strobing with a light, creamy consistency.
Subtly brightens the face in application areas.

Creamy Face Illuminator is the perfect cosmetic for face modelling. It illuminates the face, reflects the light, thus the make-up looks fresh and face looks young and radiant. In order to obtain stronger illumination effect, the so called glow effect you can add the cosmetic to the day cream or to your favorite foundation.

Directions / How to use:
Apply the highlighter with a brush, applying spot on the cheekbones and around the eyes, nose, chin and lips area and then patting with a sponge. The cosmetic can also be mixed into the day cream or undercoat to increase the "glow" effect.
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Inventory Last Updated: Oct 19, 2021