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EVELINE Absorbing Oil Sheets 8w1 - 50PCS

Barcode: 5901761971774
Features of the product:
A blotting paper for matte and fresh-looking complexion is the basis for a good look.
During the day, mattifying tissues can be used to improve the appearance of luminous skin.
Which allows to refresh makeup in an easy and quick way.
Perfectly absorbs excess sebum and shines, without disturbing and destroying makeup.
Suitable for all skin types.
The set includes 50 pieces.

-Provides a fresh and natural look with a super matt effect.
-Removes the excess of sebum.
-Eliminates shine of the skin.
-Restores a fresh look.
-Does not wash or damage make-up.
-Extends the durability of makeup.
-Does not dry out.
-Particularly recommended for people with oily and mixed skin, with enlarged pores and acne prone skin.

How to Use:
1.Open package. For easy pop-up dispensing, press lid down and lift up to remove each sheet.
2.Blot sheet gently on face to remove excess oil and shine.
3.Ideal for use over makeup.

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Inventory Last Updated: Jun 25, 2022