Ciate London - Triple Shot Mascara 12 ml

Barcode: 5060359906564

Product Features:
- Volumizing, curling and glossiness mascara.
- Features a thick, high volume, easy-glide formula.
- Gently catch all of your lashes and deliver beautiful separation.
- Unique full multi-comb brush-provides excellent control on application.
- Ensure a generous amount of product onto every lash.
- Lashes looks instantly volumized and extended.
- Instant lift and structured volume.
- Starfish-shaped brush.
- Never feel dry or flakey.
- Paraben-Free.
- Vegan.

Product Description:
A volumizing mascara that features a thick, high volume, easy-glide formula with a unique full multi-comb brush that provides excellent control on application. Lift and awaken your lashes.The Triple Shot Mascara has a formulation which selects polymers that are exploited to achieve triple benefits: volumizing, curling and glossiness - never dry or flakey. Lashes are instantly volumized and exaggerated with a coat of specially formulated triple shot mascara. Enlarge the appearance of the eyes with Ciate London Triple Shot Mascara. Lashes are effortlessly lengthened, volumized and curled, adding to the definition of your eyes.

- While looking into mirror, tilt chin up so eyes are looking downward.
- Press Triple Shot Mascara wand firmly to the base of the lash line.
- Wiggle slightly to deposit a generous amount of formulation at the root of the lashes then slowly turn/rotate the wand through to tips.
- Be sure to apply continuous pressure to lashes with brush as though you are combing lashes straight upward. This will ensure maximum curl.
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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023