Ciate London - Bamboo Bronzer - South Beach

Barcode: 5060414316932

Benefits of the product:
- Super blendable bronzer powder.
- Onto the chin, cheeks, forehead, and collarbones.

- Botanical ingredients known for their skin smoothing.
- For long lasting, shine-free, warm, radiant glow.
- Oil-controlling properties.
- Gluten-free.

- Vegan.

Details of the product:
Bamboo Bronzer is a soft powder bronzer with oil-controlling ingredients for a shine-free, warm, radiant glow. South Beach; a deep, gorgeous shimmer. Dust over cheekbones, collar bones and across limbs for an instantly tanned complexion come rain or shine.

How to use the product:
Starting at your forehead, lightly sweep the brush in the shape of a 3, applying the bronzer along the side of your face, into the hollow of your cheek, and down to your jawline. Brush the bronzer lightly over your chin, nose, and neck to finish.
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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023