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Bielenda NEURO RETINOL Face Serum Rejuvenating Day/Night - 30ml

Barcode: 5902169025076

-Serum effectively lifts and tightens the skin.

-Smooths fixed wrinkles.
-Effectively prevents the formation of new ones.
-It improves firmness and elasticity of the skin.
-Reduces discoloration,evens out skin tone.
-Shapes the face oval, restores smoothness.
-Intensely moisturizes and regenerates.  
-Ideal for Mature Skin.

Spectacular anti-wrinkle effects are guaranteed by intelligent active ingredients with proven efficacy and precision,which penetrate deeply into the skin and gradually release their power, acting for a long time after application.
2 x neuropeptide ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ is a modern, new-generation peptide, considered one of the best anti-wrinkle ingredients, because it inhibits contractions of facial muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles. It effectively prevents formation of new wrinkles and smoothes the existing ones.
5 x intelligent retinol microspheres ⃰⃰  ⃰ create a unique system of controlled penetration of active ingredients into the skin,allowing for greater effectiveness of the ingredient in a given skin cell. The microspheres form a film on the skin preventing moisture loss,thus preventing sagging of the skin; they smooth out wrinkles,lighten and brighten the complexion.

Every morning and evening, massage serum into the skin of the face,neck and décolleté.It can be used on its own, but, for maximum effect, we recommend use of the serum under the cream from the similar line.The serum absorbs quickly and makes a perfect base for make-up.

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Inventory Last Updated: Oct 21, 2020