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Bielenda Neuro Glicol Vit C Moisturizing Day Cream Glow and Youth Activator With SPF 20- 50ml

Barcode: 5902169025526

BIELENDA neuro glicol + Vit.C Moisturizing Day Cream SPF20 Skin Glow & Youthfulness Activator: effectively improves quality and condition of the skin. Thanks content of glycolic acid in a concentration of 0,5% and 100% stable vitamin C , it guarantees double exfoliation, thereupon skin is deeply restored and revitalized, wrinkles smoothed out and discoloration reduced. Neuropeptide contained in the serum is intended to produce similar processes in the skin, such as medical beauty treatments using botulinum toxin, which blocks the contractions of facial muscles responsible for wrinkles. Cream effectively delays signs of aging, tightens pores, reduces shine of combination skin, firms and optimally moisturizes. Evens and brightens skin and SPF20 factor protects skin against UV radiation.

100% Stable Vitamin C is one of the strongest antioxidants. It stimulates collagen production, slows down aging processes, protects DNA, strengthens and regenerates the skin. Effectively evens skin tone , reduces pigmentation disorders, reduces the tendency to discoloration and vascular lesions, adds complexion shine, protects against photo- and chrono-aging, optimally hydrates.

Glycolic acid 0,5% improves condition of the skin at any age. Through exfoliation of the skin's it stimulates the repair processes and smoothens skin. Tightens pores, reduces excessive sebum secretion, prevents pimples. Increases collagen production, so that reduces wrinkles and slows the aging process of the skin. Supports renewal and regeneration of the dermis, optimally hydrates. 

Neuropeptide is a modern new-generation peptide, which is considered to one of the best anti-wrinkle ingredients, because it inhibits contractions of facial muscles responsible for wrinkles. It effectively prevents the formation of new wrinkles and smoothens existing ones.

Scientifically proven efficacy *:
- revitalized and brightened complexion 95%
- skin smoothed and well moisturized 93%
- wrinkles and blemishes reduced 85%
* IN VIVO tests conducted under the supervision of dermatologists on a group of 25 women for a period of four weeks.

Application: Every morning, massage cream into face. Avoid eye area. Cream is a perfect as make-up base. 

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