Bielenda Juicy Jelly Mask Refreshing With Pineapple And Vit. C For Gray Skin 50 ml

Barcode: 5902169030070

Important Note:
Use Bielenda Skin Shot Ampoule Primer Activator to increase the degree of absorption & effectiveness of care treatments.

Bielenda Juicy Jelly Mask
illuminates and regenerates the skin. It reduces skin imperfections, firms and optimally moisturizes. Strengthens and refreshes the skin, improves its colour, eliminates visible signs of stress and fatigue, restoring skin’s energy, vitality and glow.
Key Features of the product:
⭐With fresh, full of active ingredients, gel consistency.
⭐Formula based on hyaluronic acid.
⭐Provides effective care of grey, tired skin, lacking glow.
⭐Peeling and cleansing properties.
⭐Improves skin tone, fades discolorations, smoothes.
⭐Helps to reduce blemishes and other imperfections.
⭐Intensely moisturizes, calms and soothes irritations.
⭐Strengthens and regenerates the skin.
⭐Protects skin from premature aging. 
⭐Effectively evens the complexion.
⭐Reduces pigmentation disorder.
⭐Gives skin glow and perfectly moisturizes.
⭐Can be used as an enzymatic peeling.
⭐Gently exfoliates dead skin cells, smoothes, firms.
⭐Improves blood circulation.
⭐Regenerates and illuminates the skin.
⭐Reduces skin imperfections.
⭐Eliminates visible signs of stress and fatigue.
⭐Restoring skin’s energy, vitality and glow.

Active Ingredients:
PINEAPPLE extract contains vitamins A, B and C, minerals, and enzymes, which has peeling and cleansing properties. Improves skin tone, fades discolorations, smoothes, radiants grey, tired skin. Helps to reduce blemishes and other imperfections, intensely moisturizes, calms, soothes irritations.
VITAMIN C strengthens and regenerates the skin, protects it from premature aging. Effectively evens the complexion, reduces pigmentation disorder, reduces the tendency to pigmentation and dilated capillaries, gives skin glow, perfectly moisturizes.

Fresh, soft, radiant skin with even skin tone. 

Apply the mask onto the face, massage with circular movements for about 1 minute, leave on the skin. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. Apply twice a week. The packaging lasts for many applications.

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Inventory Last Updated: Jan 28, 2021