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Bielenda Japan Metallic Peel-Off Detoxifying-Cleansing Mask- 30g

Barcode: 5902169035662

Product description:
This unique Japanese PEEL-OFF mask will give your skin a wonderful feeling of detox and cleansing. The mask is an ideal way to refresh the skin and improve its appearance. The peel-off formula will ensure comfortable use, and the fashionable metallic color will make you look crazy during application.

Contains super effective active ingredients, appreciated in the Far East:
-Detoxifies and cleanses.
-WOW effect already during application.
-Peel-off mask for skin hungry for detox and cleansing.
-Bamboo water, green caviar, green tea.

Usage application:
Apply a mask to cleansed skin and spread evenly, avoiding the eye area. Wait until it solidifies completely, then gently pull it away and throw it into the basket. Remove any mask residue with tonic, micellar fluid or warm water.

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Inventory Last Updated: Jun 26, 2022

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