Bielenda GREEN TEA Micellar Gel for Face Cleansing 200g

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 Benefits of Facewash 

  • Cleanse all types of impurities & dirt. 
  • Prevents acne & breakouts. 
  • Cleanse bacteria from pores. 
  • Normalizes production of sebum. 
  • Antioxidants instantly brighten skin. 
  • Recover radiance of the epidermis. 
  • Makes skin soft & smooth. 
  • Purifies & nourishes skin. 
  • Soothes irritation. 

  Skin Type: Combination skin. 

Bielenda GREEN TEA Micellar Gel For Face Cleansing 200g is a multifunctional formula which is designed for daily cleansing and purifying combination Skin. Micellar gel is the perfect way to refresh the skin. Also, an exceptional multitasking formula makes the epidermis recover radiance, purity, satin-like softness and smoothness.

Active Ingredients: 

  • TEA TREE OIL: Antibacterial properties reduce acne & breakouts. 
  • AZELAIC ACID DERIVATIVE: Cleans bacteria from pores that may cause acne & irritations. 
  • Green Tea: Anti aging extract, also soothes irritation, and redness. 
  • MICELLES: Cleans dirt & impurities from the surface of skin. 


Apply the gel to damp face, massage gently, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Use twice a day (morning & night) 

Warning: If the product gets into the eyes, immediately rinse with abundant water.

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