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Bielenda GLOW ESSENCE Gold Makeup Primer - 30g

Barcode: 5902169028176

-GOLD PEARL illuminates the complexion.
-Makes it look radiant and rested.
-SHINY PIGMENTS create a delicate mist on the skin.
-Gives a discreet and natural effect of a relaxed.
-Well-groomed complexion.
-Face regains a beautiful glow.

Product Description:
GEL-GOLD illuminating make-up base is a perfect way to make gray, tired, dull skin look more attractive, while increasing its hydration level. The intelligent dispenser turns gold capsules suspended in a light gel into an exclusive serum that adapts perfectly to the skin.

The base is very light, does not stick, absorbs quickly, is compatible with any shade and type of fluid.

Spread the product evenly on the cleansed face with your fingertips, leading to complete breakage of the pearls and wait for absorption. The cosmetic can be used as a make-up base, but also as a daily self-use product.

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Inventory Last Updated: Jun 10, 2023