Bielenda Cloud Mask Detoxifying Bubble Mask Merry Berry 6 g

Barcode: 5902169032821

Key Features of the product:
Restores the fresh and joyful appearance of the epidermis.
The skin regains freshness, matte finish, radiance.
Youthful appearance without unnecessary heaviness.
Oxygenates and regenerates the epidermis.
Color and aroma of real berries.

Product Description:
Light like a cloud, the MERRY BERRY bubble mask will take you into the world of a fruity party, where CARE and FUN are a well-coordinated duo. Feel as if you were in a berry paradise and pamper your skin with a detoxifying mask, which gives you FUN and MASSAGE.

It OXYGENATES and REGENERATES your epidermis and it has the color and aroma of real berries. 

Apply the mask evenly on clean and dry skin and leave. After a few moments, the mask will start to fizzle and grow on its own. When the foam stops growing, massage the preparation into the skin and leave it for a moment to strengthen the effect, and then rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023

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