Bielenda Chestnut Day/Night Cream 50 ml

Barcode: 5902169003500

Features of the Product:
👉Removes visible spider veins and skin reddening.
👉Ideal for fragile, weak and dilated blood vessels.
👉CHESTNUT is a line of natural, incredibly effective firming & reinforcing cosmetics for couperose skin.

Capillary Repair Cream is a perfect cosmetic preparation recommended for year-round skincare of soft, delicate and sensitive couperose skin with problems of:

👉Firms and reinforces fragile capillaries.
👉Alleviates irritations and reduces red marks.
👉Effectively prevents vessel dilation and the formation of new spider veins.
👉Provides optimum hydration, oiling and intensive skin regeneration -prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Smooth, healthy, perfectly moisturised skin, firm capillaries resistant to damage, less visible "spider veins", irritations and reddening.

How to use:
Every morning and evening tap the cream on clean face, neck and cleavage. It forms a perfect make-up base. 

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Inventory Last Updated: Jan 27, 2021

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