Bielenda CAPILLARY SKIN CARE Face Cream with Corrective Pigment - 50ml

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Product description:
Soft, perfectly regenerated skin, even skin tone, reduced and soothing redness, prevents the formation of new "spider veins and reduces redness, strengthens the epidermal hydrolipid barrier and regenerates the skin, creates a delicate protective layer that increases the skin's resistance to damage, soothes and reduces irritation, reduces overactive skin and evens out skin tone.

Working action:
A recipe based on effective active ingredients:
CHESTNUT is anti-edema, prevents the formation of new "spider veins", soothes irritations.
LACTOBIONIC ACID strengthens the repair mechanisms of the skin, reduces the visibility of dilated capillaries and the tendency to redness, unifies the skin tone, strongly moisturizes.
VITAMIN C + E COMPLEX reduces the tendency to discoloration, prevents wrinkles, improves skin condition and elasticity.
D-PANTHENOL is easily absorbed through the stratum corneum layer, soothes and anti-inflammatory, moisturizes and regenerates the skin, making it soft and elastic.

Usage Application:
Every evening, massage the cream into cleansed face, neck and cleavage.

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