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Bielenda CAPILLARY SKIN CARE Face Cleansing Emulsion Soothing-190ml

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Cleansed skin, without irritation and feeling of tightness. Soothing face cleansing EMULSION is a concentrated preparation that: gently and effectively cleanses the skin and cleans makeup, soothes irritations and does not dry the skin, gives a feeling of comfort and relief, and effectively reduces skin redness.

Action Action:
A recipe based on effective active ingredients:
-Has the ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin.
-Has a unique ability to retain water in the epidermis.
-Provides the skin with the right level of hydration.
-Protects it from loss of elasticity.
-It easily absorbed through the stratum corneum layer.
-Making it soft and elastic.
-Soothes and anti-inflammatory, moisturizes and regenerates the skin.
-Has a strong moisturizing and regenerating effect.
-It soothes the redness of the skin, reduces irritation.
-It softens and smoothes the skin.
-Protects it from the harmful effects of external factors.
-Smoothes the complexion.
-Gives an immediate impression of smooth skin.

Every morning and evening, gently massage the emulsion on wet skin. Remove excess with a cotton swab or rinse with water.

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