EVELINE SOS Eyelash Serum Booster With Argan Oil 10ml

Barcode: 5907609395283

Features of the product:
SOS Lash Booster is a 5-in-1 eyelash booster.
Doubles the volume of lashes.
Nourishes and regenerates.
Extends and strengthens.
Increases eyelash growth.
Contains Argan oil which has strong regenerating and nourishing properties.
Prevents eyelash loss.
Cruelty Free.
Can be used in two ways: This serum can be used as a primer before applying your mascara.

Product description:
Innovative product combining properties of rebuilding serum, hair growth activator and mascara base. Innovative formula rich in advanced active ingredients acting in synergy with argan oil shows strong regenerating and nourishing properties. Professional, specially designed flexible brush and satin consistency of the serum gives your eyes a hypnotic look. It contains specially selected active ingredients: bio Hyaluronic Complex because of high concentration of hyaluronic acid instantly penetrates into eyelashes structure, intensely moisturizes, smoothes out and stimulates their growth. Luxury of youth complex rich in precious argan oil perfectly regenerates, nourishes and strengthens eyelashes. Effectively restores and protects the hair fiber against harmful external factors. Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) immediately penetrates into eyelashes, moisturizes, smoothes out and thickens hair fiber, gives shine, protects, regenerates and strengthens eyelashes from the roots to the tips.

Side Effects:
Irritation: Since you have to apply this serum very close to the eyes, you might experience some irritation. Your skin might also get irritated the first time you apply it. Use clean water to get rid of the irritation.
Redness: If the serum gets in your eyes by mistake, it will lead to redness and itching. Avoid rubbing your lashes as this might get the serum in your eyes, leading to redness. If itching and redness persists, discontinue using the serum and contact your doctor.
Hypopigmentation: This product has been reported to cause darkening of the lashes.

Before using any beauty product, it is advisable to do two things first:
1. Do a patch test: Prepare your face by removing all the makeup you might have. Wash and dry the face then proceed to apply a thin coat of this product on your lashes. Let the serum stay there for 24 hours and check for any signs of a reaction. Since this is a new product to you, you should not go all in at first lest you land in the ER.
2. Go slow on the application: You need to give your skin time to adjust to a new product. You can easily do this by limiting the application frequency. Instead of applying the serum daily, go for a few days per week. This will reduce the chances of severe side effects. As your lashes get used to the product, you can use it daily.

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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023

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