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EVELINE Eyeshadow Palette 10 Colors Fantasy

Barcode: 5903416033462
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Benefits of the Palette

  • Easy to apply and blend that leaves a highly pigmented matte and foil-metallic finish to the look.
  • The palette helps you in creating many makeup looks
  • The eye shadow palette consists of 10 soft shades of Pink, Violet, and Brown with Matte and Foil-Metallic finishes. 
  • Gentle texture and full-color uniform.
  • Suitable for Day use or Night use.
  • Completely Vegan-Friendly

The Shades Available

  1. DREAM - Nude with the addition of Vanilla (Matte)
  2. VISION - Peach-apricot (Metallic)
  3. LEGEND - Light Brown (Matte)
  4. MAGIC - Brown with the addition of Purple (Metallic)
  5. NIGHT - Black (Matte)
  6. THOUGHT Beige (Matte)
  7. PARADISE - Purple (Metallic)
  8. POWER - Dark Brown (Matte)
  9. SPLENDOR - Brown-Plum (Matte)
  10. PLEASURE - Light brown (Matte)
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Inventory Last Updated: Jun 27, 2022

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