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Barcode: 5902169028558

Product Details: Botanic conditioner for greasy hair is a rich dose of nature that will restore the perfect condition even to the most demanding hair.

Surrender to the ritual of plant care, and you will find out how nature takes care of your hair, how deeply the conditioner will cleanse, will absorb excess sebum, provide detox, moisturize, regenerate and strengthen hair.

It will prevent electrification, facilitate combing, provide hair with everything you need to be beautiful, fresh and shiny 95% Natural Active Ingredients, 0% Silicone, 0% Gluten.

Action: Discover the extraordinary power of the Fenugreek extract, which reduces greasy hair, reduces their fragility and prone to splitting, adds elasticity to the hair. Check how does the Tatarak extract, which strengthens hair and nourishes the scalp, works for your hair.

Effect: Your hair will be silky smooth, strong, shiny and elastic.

How to use: Spread a small amount of conditioner on wet washed hair. Avoid direct application to the scalp. Rinse with water after a while. Use after every hair wash. If it gets in your eyes, immediately rinse them with water. For maximum results use Shampoo and Mask from the Botanic Spa Rituals line. 

BBB imports 100% authentic and best quality products which are freshly manufactured. Providing our customers with the best quality products and service is a priority for us. The unique range of products and brands along with great & intimate customer service make BBB the best cosmetics store in Bangladesh.

Enjoy 100% authentic Bielenda BOTANIC SPA RITUALS FENUGREEK & CALAMUS HAIR CONDITIONER FOR Damaged Hair 250ml from BBB.

Inventory Last Updated: May 24, 2022

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