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The Polish cosmetics company Bielenda is named after its founder Barbara Bielenda, a successful graduate from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Gdansk. Their huge range includes over 400 products aimed at ordinary consumers, as well as professional beauty salons and wellness centers. The creams, bath oils, body butters and other products by Bielenda are developed on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge and research.

Bielenda stands out for its high performance and safety. All of its products undergo rigorous dermatological testing. Their extraordinary skin-friendliness deserves a special mention, meaning that even allergy sufferers can use them. Bielenda is sure to appeal to anyone who wants a beautiful, youthful appearance, who suffers from various skin problems, or is seeking quality at a reasonable price.

Bielenda pioneers in producing all natural cosmetics with natural ingredients extracted from plants. Drawing heavily from nature they keep seeking new, exotic plants with exceptional power that gives remarkable results in skin care. 

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